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Welcome to Jetshare Protocol

Invest in Fractional Jet Ownership Shares

Jetshare offers fractional ownership shares in private jets through distributed ledger technology and asset backed non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Smart Contract Audit by Soken: Here

Jetshare Contract Address: 0x884ca0ff1B51aff7FdF98f616E71d94c43Cc738e

Aviation plus

Lets take to the skies

Bombardier Challengers, Pipers, Gulfstreams and Hawkers to name a few of our favourites we would like our community to experience.

The project

The future of private JETT$ is crypto.

Jetshare will be the first Jet investment and trading platform enabling members to trade fractional NFTs backed by real world private planes. 

Each investment will receive a proportional fraction of a minted NFT which is underwritten by a physical Jet stored and insured in one of our airport hangars.

Our fractional aircraft ownership model offers investors a really unique opportunity to be part of an aviation business with multiple streams of income and recession proof growth.


Holders can trade their NFTs on the Jetshare platform or on other NFT marketplaces


All aircrafts are stored in high security airport hangars around the world


We are opening up a historically secret market and significantly lowering the barriers to entry

aviation officers
Why Jetshare?

Expertise and inside knowledge

Over 25 years of experience in aviation across 4 continents. Selling, maintaining and housing aircrafts.

We have created the world’s first fractional Jet investment platform so the community can buy, sell and invest in real-world planes.

Demand for our services is generated from a range of sources and that flexibility allows returns to remain consistent through good and bad times.

Our forward planning of scheduled maintenance helps ensure consistent airworthiness allowing a dedicated focus on managing budgets to reduce maintenance overheads while increasing dividends.

How it works?

A simple jet ownership process

Jetshare is leading the way and bridging the gap between crypto enthusiasts and Jet lovers.

The Jetshare program, where multiple owners invest in an aircraft and share costs is an ideal way to deliver consistent revenues, lower fixed costs, increase supply, provide consistent work for aircraft crews, not to mention offering share owners a certain number of flight hours per annum.

All Jets are publicly listed on national and international ownership databases like CAA


Jet search

Our team will identify the Jets with the best long-term sale and lease potential



Jets will be stored at our airport hangars around the world like Cranfield Airport in England



The Jet NFT will be broken down into fractions so the community can purchase a stake for as little as $5



The community can trade their fractions on the Jetshare platform or third-party marketplaces


Lend & Borrow

Users can use their holdings as collateral to lend and borrow at competitive rates against a real world private plane



The fractional NFT will act as proof of ownership and allow income/profit to be earned from Jet leases or sales

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Professional Pilots

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World Airports

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Jet Airplanes

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Distribution & Tax

Jetshare JETT$ token distribution and taxes

Buy Tax

Total Tax 5%
Liquidity Pool 1.5%
Marketing 1.5%
Rewards 1%
Burn 1%

Total Supply: 1 Billion

Presale: 25%
Exchange Listings: 15%
Marketing: 15%
Charity: 5%
Founders: 5%
Development: 10%
Treasury: 10%
Liquidity: 15%

Sell Tax

Total Tax 10%
Liquidity Pool 3%
Marketing 3%
Rewards 2%
Burn 2%

Jetshare members are automatically entered into our quarterly lottery to win complimentary free sightseeing flights at their nearest local airfield

If at any point after three years you choose to opt out of our Jetshare fractional ownership programme, we will buy back your NFT share at full market value. That's how confident we are in the long-term success and future of our business model.

Jetshare members receive a number of perks including access to flying lessons at a number of aviation training schools around the world

    Fractional Jetshare

    Introducing Our private Jet NFT Trading Platform

    Investors have 24/7 access to our platform to view all updates about their holdings as well as buy/sell, trade or auction.

    The platform also allows investors to charter aircraft at discounted rates using JETT$ tokens and communicate directly with the team.

    Members can also trade flight hours in the form of Aviator Smart NFTs.

    Investments are asset-backed and therefore guaranteed now and in the future. 

    Membership benefits





    Jet prices keep rising

    Opportunity to invest in the growing $30 Billion Jet market at your fingertips.

    Environmental regulations and airspace modernization have reduced the retirement age of active Jets, leading to an increase in their replacement.

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    RJ Aleksandrs

    CEO | Founder

    “Fractional Jet ownership in our industry is nothing new, however developing a Web3 version with a clear exit strategy is.”

    My name is RJ Aleksandrs, I’ve been a pilot and consultant in the Aviation industry for over 25 years. I came across cryptocurrencies early last year, invested and yes, my portfolio is currently down, however I instantly understood the necessity and long-term goal of the larger community and understand time is needed for bad actors to be rooted out. As I researched, I understood a use case for my industry and this is a breakdown of how my expertise can be used to further mainstream adoption.

    Jetshare is a Jet sales and leasing business focusing on aviation training schools across EMEA region and North America. We have developed the first blockchain private Jet investment platform enabling anyone to buy, sell and invest in NFTs backed by real-world planes.

    The Jetshare protocol will revolutionize how private Jets are owned and used across the world.

    We have built an experienced team of aviation specialists and technical developers to help deliver a first-class project for the community.

    Fractional Jet ownership in our industry is nothing new, however developing a Web3 version with a clear exit strategy is. We are opening up the exclusive market of the rich and powerful to cryptocurrency users.

    Jetshare is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) because of quick transfer speeds, low fees, and high scalability.

    I am grateful to be building the future alongside everyone else in the Web3 community.


    Leading supplier of aircrafts to aviation training schools

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You Have a Question?

    This is a new use case for a new technology in an old industry so there’s sure to be resistance to change and plenty of questions we are happy to answer.


    Protocol providing fractional NFT ownership of real-world Jets to anyone and returning profit and/or income received from sale and lease of private jets to aviation flight schools and business buyers around the world 

    Yes, the smart contract audit has been completed by Soken

    Click here to View Audit

    There is no minimum or maximum, however to become a bronze member and receive membership benefits there is a $500 minimum investment 

    Quick transfer speeds, low fees, and high scalability.

    The Jetshare SPV has recently been incorporated in the UK (find details here) and will own Jets with NFT owners recognised as shareholders and possessing voting rights

    NFTs allowing members to trade flight hours. The smart NFTs can be programmed to automatically update the number of flight hours remaining on the NFT as the jet is flown. For example, each time the jet is flown, the smart contract can automatically deduct a certain number of flight hours from the NFT.

    Existing Jet owners can list and sell fractional shares from a minimum 25%, while still retaining usage rights, part ownership and income from the aircraft. This allows jet owners to generate revenue and keep their jet in operation for longer periods of time, rather than having to sell it.

    Carbon footprint

    We are passionate about helping the industry move towards a more sustainable future. Carbon footprint means something to us and plays an important part in our decision making.

    Technological advancements in electrical systems and hybrid-electric propulsion provide an opportunity to start moving in the right direction but its not enough and we will work hard to further these types of conversations.

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